Bella Blue Skin was born from the love of beautiful, plant-based ingredients and the desire to create natural products that nourish skin while being gentle on your body and the earth.

Founder and formulator Gemima Harvey grew up in the bush along the Mid North Coast with a deep appreciation for plants and their medicinal properties. Having very sensitive skin led her to start looking carefully into the products she was using and sparked the journey of researching and creating her own skincare range so she could have more autonomy, using quality, natural ingredients in simple, clean formulas that resulted in smooth, clear skin.

Bella Blue Skin celebrates the ingredients that Mother Nature provides to feed your skin – fruit, flowers, herbs, seeds, roots – and uses eco-conscious packaging that is friendly on the planet. Handcrafted in Brisbane, the range includes organic lip balms, botanical body butters, a face oil, mask, exfoliating powder and toning mist.

It’s such a delight to share this range as a love offering to sensitive souls with sensitive skin.


The philosophy that underpins our approach:

  • 100% natural skincare that is gentle on your body and the earth

  • Celebrating skin-loving botanical ingredients like flowers and herbs

  • Inspired by the principles of simplicity, self-care and sustainability

  • Sourcing organic as much as possible

  • Being environmentally-conscious about packaging choices